Student Comments

I could never have done this on my own with work commitments and the confusing Pooleys books. You made everything so easy to understand. Thank you.

Lewis Bowers

Fantastic ability to transulate the course material into plain english.

Gary Mold

Very thorough explanations, making everything clear and simple to me. I gained so much knowledge during my time. Thank you.

Jorge O’Connell

I have greatly appreciated the personal attention and personal support. For those wishing to be taught thoroughly well, using a full range of media, this is what is provided by Linda. Her efforts to support her students are unstinting. Thank you Linda.

Ray Chandler 2021

It was a great pleasure to have been tutored by Ms Linda Wheeler. Linda’s hospitality and teaching style was highly effective, efficient and engaging. Modules were taught thoroughly and every effort was taken from start to end of the whole process. Her style of teaching was to the point and I was able to grasp … Read more

Mahesh Vekariya

It has been an absolute pleasure to be taught by Linda. Truly her knowledge and experience in the field is the best. As a pilot and examiner, she has made these PPL theory modules like a piece of cake.I’ve enjoyed my five-day course and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to finish all … Read more

Pameer Saeed

In regards to expectations, they were definately surpassed. The resources and content were brilliant and this is the best course I have ever been on! Nothing was rushed and was fully explained, anything that I was stuck on, was revisited to ensure the best of knowledge before continuing. 2020

Colin Chapman

Super Tutor. Great Content.

Richard Phipps

For me the whole standard of training and the experience was wonderful.Your patience, combined with your ability to make the most complex subject areas easy to understand and notably fun, was excellent. Huge thank you Linda. Geraint


Linda was brilliant! I’m thrilled to have chosen Linda as she is so calm and made learning complex subjects memorable and fun. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you Linda. May

May 2020

Linda, It has been an absolute pleasure to be taught by you this past week. You’ve had consistant patience when I’ve lacked understanding and have thoroughly covered topics with an easy-too-follow and fun style.The exams were always a daunting task for me and you’ve helped me overcome them with relative ease. I can’t thank you … Read more

Dominic Cook 2020

Had the shortest time to get my test done and thank you for getting me through all my exams in a lovely learning way. 2020

Vinay Vora

Wonderful to the point training. Very efficient classes and great atmosphre. 2020

Peter Spaans

I would highly recommend these courses for all PPL students. I have gained a far greater understanding from being taught these modules than by having to just read them myself. Thank you.

Andre Huxley

Linda creates an inviting work enviroment that both encourages students to achieve their maximum level of performance, as well as giving us the opportunity to grasp complicated methods and theories easily. Thank you!

Johanna Balogh

Linda delivers a well-paced, high quality course in a relaxed and professional way. Linda simplifies the material, focusing on what is core to becoming a good pilot and ensuring exam readiness- Highly recommended.

Andrew Tozen

Hi Linda, Just wanted to say thank you for running such an interesting and greatly taught ground school last week! I think we all had great fun and I feel I learnt a lot from your expert methods and teachings.  I will certainly be shouting your praises and making suggestions to anyone I meet to … Read more

David Cromer 2019

As a student already juggling piles of coursework and exams with my university, Linda’s five day course was the perfect solution. I had a really enjoyable week and left with all nine exams passed.

Oscar Finch

Linda presents a well prepared PPL Groundschool that evidently benefits from her considerable knowledge and experience. The course provides straightforward explanations that demystify some of the more complex aspects of the PPL theory, boasting the opportunity for successful exam completion. 2019

Martin Woolner

Perfect, very clear lessons. Great environment, partly due to small groups. Thank you for a fine and instructive week. Kind regards from the Netherlands. Dirk 2019

Dirk Hendricks

The instruction was clear and concise. Even the more abstract or complicated topics were explained in a simple and straight forward way. The environment is relaxed and comfortable…..a very pleasant experience.

Ton Borsboom

Linda deserves the Nobel Prize for education!

Paul Ockers

This Lady Linda could teach Amelia Earhart a thing or two about flying! This was an amazing experience, I didn’t think I had it in me to learn all that I managed to but with Linda, I passed first time with flying colours. Don’t hesitate, just use her!

Danny O’Leary

Fantastic, really enjoyed. Nice, no nonsense approach to it. I look forward to flying with the knowledge I’ve learnt.

Matthew Cowan

A fantastic way to complete and pass all your ground school requirements for PPL. I recommend it to all PPL students.

Simon Redwood

A great week for me, very, very happy with the tuition in some very nice surroundings. Would definitely recommend you to teach others for their groundschool.

David Clark 2018

What a fantastic week. Linda has a unique capability of explaining complex ideas very clearly. I would highly recommend to anyone who struggles, to commit time to ground school. Linda and her team are true professionals

Gerard Hanley 2018

Excellent course and thoroughly recommended for anyone working full time who is finding it difficult to schedule time for ground school

Mark Howarth 2018

An Excellent well presented course. Relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere helped to create a perfect learning environment. For a busy individual, this course is the only way to take the exams

Paul Dixon 2018

I would advise any PPL student to do Linda Wheeler Ground school training. You learn a lot more than just reading the books. Also, it is great to be able to ask questions from someone with Linda’s experience

Ian Essex 2018

I did 4 exams in two days with Linda with 3 other students. The group was well managed and everyone got the time and attention they needed. Right from the start Linda has a professional approach, to all she does and provides to students on her ground school days conveniently located in Gerrards Cross. Her … Read more

Stuart Hood 2017

I am in full time work in London and have little spare time for after-work courses or tuition. Attempting to study on my own from the required text books proved to be a daunting task with limited results. Linda’s ground school provided me the perfect mix of theory and worked examples to enable me to … Read more

Ken Lane 2017

The course was perfect, exactly what I needed, not just in terms of knowledge and passing the exams but also for my confidence. Many thanks.

Adrienn Cserhalmi 2016

All aspects of the training was very well put together and all the exams were done in a week! CAN GET ON WITH FLYING! A great week, hard work but made easier by being in nice surroundings and Linda made the week very interesting and easy to digest

Richard Moore 2016

would recommend Linda Wheeler to anyone wishing to undergo PPL Groundschool

Ashley Collins 2016

I have found the training very good, in depth but easy to follow. Breaks the information into small blocks with anecdotes for better recall

Mike Livermore 2016

I approached the course being slightly daunted by the sheer amount of work to cover along with all the exam reading to be done. However, Linda provides professional calmness to the process, where the “daunting” is removed!

Dom Walton 2016

A quick and efficient method of learning and successfully passing the groundschool exams. Recommended!

Tim Livermore 2016

Excellent and professional instruction in a friendly and comfortable environment. Content very well covered at a flexible time rate. Daily itinerary perfectly balanced for best performance (e.g. two subjects , one heavy and one light). Fantastic use of practical demonstrations.

Andrew Butler 2016

The mix of subjects each day worked well heavy/light subjects balanced and as far as practical subjects that build on each other, were sequenced. Demureness and approach of Linda meant a positive atmosphere prevailed throughout.

Paul Howell 2016

Very informative and delivered by a knowledgeable instructor in a relaxed atmosphere

Derek Green 2016

Totally relaxed week without the associated pressures you would expect.

Andy Clynes 2016

Linda’s ground school was a breath of fresh air. Having read through the pilots manuals, I did not just want to pass the exams but instead wanted to understand the subjects, as they say **one day it may save your life**. I can hardly believe I’ve passed all my exams in 5 days.

Muhammad Khan 2016

The course was excellent for me, spent weeks studying books but Linda makes it more understandable and interesting. Relaxed atmosphere, excellent teaching style and all subjects explained well. Had an excellent week and would recommend Linda’s Ground School to everyone

Martin Lees 2016

Teaching methods was good. Explained each subject in high levels of detail. Encouraged each student to answer questions. Fun and enjoyable

Mike Rodwell 2016

Excellent week overall. Very informative, in depth and interesting. Would definitely recommend

Harrison Blower 2016

I cannot recommend Linda highly enough. While respecting the full curriculum, she focuses on what you need to be a safe PPL pilot and offers a wealth of helpful explanations and tips.

Robin Hoggard 2016

Training was at the highest standard, made all the exams easier and a brilliant way of teaching. I would strongly recommend Linda to anyone looking to complete their PPL exams

James Maher 2016

Very satisfied with course and it’s presentation. Linda is a gifted educator. Concepts that perplexed me were very lucidly and concisely explained by Linda using appropriate metaphors, examples and props

Mahendra Luhar 2016

My busy schedule inhibits me from going to weekly PPL theory lessons. My flight instructor at Vliegschool-Hilversum (Netherlands) recommended Linda Wheeler’s Ground School training course. In one week you should be able to pass your theory examines! Linda’s school has a well-designed and structured unique one week teaching program, making difficult subjects accessible to all. … Read more

Kieran McGirr 2016