Flight instrumentIMC (IRR) COURSE DETAILS

NEXT COURSE DAY – Friday 27th March 2020 (Cost £300 including exam £400 private)

What does it cover?

  • Requirements, Privileges, Revalidation/Renewal Criteria
  • Minima and Airspace usage
  • Weather
  • Pressure Instruments
  • Gyroscope Instruments
  • The Compass
  • The VOR
  • The ILS
  • The ADF/NDB
  • Airspace
  • Holding
  • Types of Approaches
  • Understanding Instrument Approaches
  • Flight Planning Reminders

Pre- Reading

The basics of all the above should already be understood from the PPL syllabus with the exception, perhaps, of Types and Understanding of Instrument Approaches. The Air Pilots Manual Volume 5 (The old Trevor Thoms) is a good place to refresh your knowledge.

Where do people usually struggle on the course?

Like it or not, the UK CAA do not allow electronic flight planning tools to be used in the examination. The area where most people have problems is with getting back into the swing of using the CRP-1/CRP-5 ‘whiz-wheel’.

How do I book?

You can contact me at

Once a booking is made, a mock paper is sent out, to remind you of good old-fashioned flight planning!

A £50 deposit secures your booking.