Stuart Hood 2017

I did 4 exams in two days with Linda with 3 other students. The group was well managed and everyone got the time and attention they needed.
Right from the start Linda has a professional approach, to all she does and provides to students on her ground school days conveniently located in Gerrards Cross.
Her coaching is clear and concise explaining in practical terms the theory and concepts as well as giving the understanding one needs to be safe as a student pilot well beyond just passing the exam. Linda simplifies the subject and keeps it focussed but explains tricky bits by example and illustration until one masters the point. Good use of up to date facts and figures and current video clips and as well as sharing her aviation knowledge as former flight crew, Ops manager and current GA pilot.
I’d highly recommend Linda’s ground school days as very good value, effective and efficient way of learning the subject and passing the exams.
The bound notes provided for you to retain have a professional look and feel and are well thought out and to a consistent standard.
Based on this experience I am returning for my last 3 subjects shortly.