Virtual Groundschool

FREE training video for the “CRP Flight Computer”

Check out the free sample: “1 in 60 Rule”

Introducing my ground-breaking professional navigation video for pilots with at least 15 hours of flying time! For those who cannot attend my ground school in person, you can now relax at home and watch my class in your own comfort. Designed to prepare you for the Navigation exam, this comprehensive video allows you to learn at your own pace and contains everything you need to ace the test.

Created to mimic a classroom environment, my video has been expertly tailored to the digital format. With each section, you’ll master the skills needed to pass the exam and be given questions to practice along the way. The final mock Navigation exam is designed to reflect the actual test and will give you the confidence you need to excel.

Say goodbye to traditional learning methods and hello to a flexible, effective way of mastering navigation. Happy flying to all!