Ken Whittaker 2017

Just a massive thank you for getting me through my final 3 exams; Flight Planning, Meteorology & Navigation – who’d have thought that the Whizz Wheel is now my best friend! The relaxed and informal vibe from you teaching at home was perfect, whilst at the same time very professional – perfect for me. Anyone undertaking a PPL needs a dedicated Ground School and Linda is fab. I have been trying to juggle a full time job, 3 kids and 9 exams for years; exams now done, it’s onto the flying!

Julia Hompes (From Amsterdam ) 2017

I have never in my life been taught so well! I went through university struggling, I barely passed. I am dyslexic, which makes it difficult, I understood everything. Linda had everything organised to perfection. She teaches so well, it is incredible! I am so happy! I passed all exams and I could no have done it without her. Linda, you are brilliant, thank you!

Chris Terry 2017

The course content was extremely well thought out and impeccably delivered at just the right pace. There were ample opportunities to discuss specific things in more detail, if needed. In addition to the course content, Linda sprinkles the sessions with relevant, useful and thought provoking insight gained from her teaching and flying experience.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Linda Wheeler Ground school. Thank you Linda.

Alistair Horne (Taken from Pprune 2014)

I had been studying for my exams by reading text books and looking at endless pages online but I really wanted to actually understand the subject rather than just pass the exams, Linda was a breath of fresh air, her teaching style is perfect for learning and understanding, seemingly stupid questions from me were met with the answer re explained until I got it. With her knowledge and teaching style I am very happy that I met Linda and that she helped me achieve all the exams with results that I would not have got near on my own. I thoroughly recommend Linda to anyone.