Other Theory Courses

We at Linda Wheeler Ground School are able to personalise and create other theory courses for your specific needs. With our dedicated and highly experienced team, we can help you with those areas that need brushing up.

Check the existing special courses below, but if you don’t see what you need, drop us an email and tell us your requirements?

Competency Based Instrument Rating (CBIR)

Part-FCL now allows for those pilots who hold an ICAO compliant IR with a minimum of 50hours of flight under instrument Flight rules to approach an EASA IR Examiner directly and ask to be tested. They are given full credit for the Training Requirements outlined in Part FCL for those who wish to obtain a competency based rating without the required ICAO IR and experience. However, the examiner is expected to ensure that the level of Theoretical Knowledge held by the candidate is up to initial issue EASA standards. That’s where we at Linda Wheeler Ground School can help.

The 1 day CBIR course is designed to refresh the TK in systems, avionics, operations, procedure interpretation, meteorology and law.

Presented by current Instrument Rated pilots / instructors with experience of initial, revalidation and renewals of both EASA and FAA single and multi-engine instrument ratings, this one day, non-examined course will ask you the questions you should be able to answer!

One night in Paris?

…and beyond!

Linda Wheeler Ground School offers a one-day training session on how to prepare, plan and fly a trip over the channel. It covers everything that you need to know from selecting the route to filing the plan to advising customs (and special branch) to where to buy cheap fuel.

Presented by experienced touring pilots, this course is a must for people who don’t know where to start or who are unsure of the rules and regulations. Experienced touring pilots are also available to walk you through the rules and then sit with you while you fly it!

Newly Issued IR?

Not really sure all that theory you went through stuck?  Unsure about airways? What’s the vector Victor? Linda Wheeler Ground School presents this one day ‘brush up’ on instrument flying that refreshes the theoretical side of systems and instruments and looks more closely at the practicalities of flying IFR from Lands End to John o’ Groats. Packed with pearls of wisdom from experienced instrument instructors, this one-day course will improve your knowledge, polish your skills and boost your confidence no-end.