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Linda Wheeler Groundschool notes are now available to download at £10 each.

As a theory instructor and examiner, I spent many hours creating these theory notes which are given to my students when they attend my 5-day theory course.

For those of you who cannot find the time to attend the course, I have made these notes now available to help you gain the knowledge and pass the exams.

Condensing the Pooleys and AFE books, my aim was taking what is important for the exams and keeping you safe. These notes are up to date with the current exam system and simple to understand.

May I also suggest you read other material as the exams are just a small part of learning the theory. Experience and time will show you this, we never stop learning!

Each subject is available for £10 each.

Principles of Flight Notes

Operation Procedures Notes

Navigation Notes

Meteorology Notes

Human Performance Notes

Flight Planning and Performance Notes

Communications Notes

Aircraft General Notes

Air Law Notes